College Fairs

College Fairs

FUHSD students and their paren

FUHSD students and their parents have the opportunity to attend our College Fairin the Fall. Our College Fair program brings over one hundred college representatives together under one roof and allows students and their parents to meet with admissions staff members. Students can use the college fair as an exploration session to ask questions of these resource people and to accumulate information on college options.

College Admissions Representatives are a major focus of the College Fair. They are professional members of the admissions office of their institutions; they can provide you with the most currentinformation regarding their schools. They can also be another contact for you with the admissions office. The representative that you speak with at the College Fair may be the same person that will process your applications and participate in your admission decision. The representative at the College Fair can also be the representative that will visit your school in the College and Career Center.

Reasons to Attend College Fairs


1. Get accurate, on-the-spot admissions and financial aid information on colleges.

2. Have face-to-face contact with college admissions personnel.

3. Gain exposure to a variety of post-secondary institutions throughout the country.

4. Get free materials and brochures on colleges you are considering for application.

What to Ask at a College Fair

College Fairs are a great chance to talk to the college representatives. Here are some examples of questions you might want to ask:

  • Looking at the information on my transcript and tests scores, do you think I would be eligible for your college in my chosen major?
  • What percentage of your students graduate in four years? Five years? Why?
  • What percentages of your students are from the immediate area?
  • What is the best time to visit your campus?
  • How do I sign up for a tour, arrange for an overnight visit and get information about open house dates?
  • Is an interview necessary? Is it available?
  • What is the housing situation for freshmen?
  • What would you recommend I do to enhance my chances for admission?
  • Do you have sororities and fraternities?
  • How large are freshman classes?
  • What percentage of classes is taught by professors and what percentage by teaching assistants?
  • What financial aid is available?
  • What is unique about your campus?
  • What percentage of your students is accepted into their first choice graduate school?
  • Do you offer athletic scholarships?
  • What special services are available, i.e., for students with physical and/or learning disabilities?