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Name Title Phone
Susan Atkinson Program Administrator for Special Education 408-366-7771
Alison Coy Coordinator of Educational Options 408-522-2275
Laura Gonzales Dean of Educational Options 408-522-2292
Trudy Gross Director of Educational and Special Services 408-522-2285
Marianne Hew Coordinator of Curriculum and Assessment 408-522-2291
Menko Johnson Coordinator of the Bond Technology Program 408-522-2270
Welton Kwong Program Administrator for English Learners 408-522-2574
Betty Lee Manager of Student Data Systems 408-522-2236
Josh Maisel Coordinator of Academic Interventions 408-522-2297
Lori Riehl Coordinator of Pathways to Postsecondary Success 408-522-2296
Nancy Sullivan Coordinator of Special Services 408-522-2232