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STRS recommends that members meet with a regional counselor on at least three occasions. A mid-career appointment should be scheduled once a member reaches five years of service credit. The second appointment is recommended at or near the age of 55 or at the time the member reaches 30 years of service credit, for pre-election of an option. At least three months prior to the actual retirement date, the member is advised to schedule the final appointment.

STRS Public Service: 1 (800) 228-5453 or (916) 229-3870
STRS Teletalk: 1(800) 222-8844 or (916) 229-8844
For the hearing impaired STRS TDD: (916) 229-3541
For additional information please visit the STRS Homepage, CalSTRS.
To calculate your retirement benefits STRS Calculators

STRS Retirement Guide can be downloaded here.