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Name Title Phone Fax
Paula Robinson Director of Human Resources (408) 522-2279 (408) 245-8548
Ben Clausnitzer Coordinator of Human Resources (408) 522-2228 (408) 245-8548
Joann Finley Senior Human Resources Specialist (408) 522-2227 (408) 245-8548
Lena Bryant Senior Human Resources Specialist (408) 522-2230 (408) 245-8548
Melissa Duran Senior Human Resources Specialist (408) 522-2225 (408) 245-8548
Sherill Panelo Account Analyst/Benefits (408) 522-2214 (408) 245-8548
Monique Franzino Senior Human Resources Specialist (408) 522-2229 (408) 245-8548










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Subject Whom to Contact
Benefits Sherill Panelo
Certificated Staff Joann Finley
Classified Staff Melissa Duran
Coaches/Volunteers/Band Staff Melissa Duran
Credentials / Certifications Joann Finley
Payroll Questions (Certificated) Don Gilbert
Payroll Questions (Classified) Lalaine Macapagal
Sick Leave/Vacation Balance (Certificated) Don Gilbert
Sick Leave/Vacation Balance (Classified) Lalaine Macapagal
Student Teachers Monique Franzino
Substitutes (Certificated & Classified) Monique Franzino
Worker's Compensation Lena Bryant
Leaves Lena Bryant
Verification of Experience/Employment Requests (Classified and Certificated) Monique Franzino