College Now

College credits WITHOUT taking AP tests...

Earn one (1) year of college credits during your senior year...

Pay only 1/10th of what it costs to go to a UC... 

...the new COLLEGE NOW program.


COLLEGE NOW is offered by the Fremont Union High School District in collaboration with De Anza College.


Recruitment for the 2018-19 school has completed. Please check this site in January 2019 for information on the 2019-20 recruitment process.

What is College Now?

  • An educational option for FUHSD seniors to earn their FUHSD diplomas while also earning one year of college credits without taking AP tests and for 1/10th of the cost for the same year at a UC.
  • An opportunity to spend the fourth year of high school on both the high school campus and De Anza College.
  • An opportunity to complete a minimum of 9 college courses, making it possible to earn a bachelor's degree in less time~~especially helpful to students planning for advanced professional degrees.
  • A chance to take up to 21 units a quarter--the most allowed for an FUHSD high school student.
  • An example of taking full advantage of a unique educational opportunity.

Who is the College Now Student?

  • A mature, academically serious-minded, INDEPENDENT, responsible FUHSD senior who needs MINIMAL guidance.
  • An FUHSD senior who feels he/she is ready to move on to college not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.
  • An ATHLETE who wants to participate on FUHSD sport teams.
  • An FUHSD senior who wants to be SOCIAL and have the SENIOR YEAR EXPERIENCE on the high school campus.

What has CHANGED in the COLLEGE NOW program?

  • NO minimum GPA, essay, teacher evaluations, COLLEGE NOW application, or interview needed - just complete the QUESTIONNAIRE.

  • (10) eligible 2017-18 FUHSD juniors from each high school may join for a total of 50 FUHSD students; program starts in April 2018 for their senior year.

  • ELIGIBLE means are a current FUHSD junior, enrolled at a FUHSD high school, who after the second semester of the junior year will have earned at least 200 credits and only needs Economics/US Government and the 4th year of English to meet the FUHSD graduation requirements. Must also pass the De Anza College English placement test so can place into EWRT 01A - English Writing 1A - regardless if will take the class or not.

  • Eligible 2017-18 FUHSD juniors who complete the QUESTIONNAIRE by 3pm on March 2, 2018 will be selected by LOTTERY if there are more than (10) eligible, completed questionnaires. All students will be given a number from the LOTTERY and #11 onwards will be placed on the WAITLIST should a space become available before MARCH 26, 2018.

  • Selected students must take periods 1 & 2 Economics/US Government and the 4th year of English at their FUHSD high school, regardless of credits already earned prior to the senior year, and be willing to take whatever level of the courses that will be offered (regular or AP-Advanced Placement) for Economics/US Government and English in periods 1 & 2.

  • MANDATORY for student AND parent/guardian to attend at least one of the February Information Nights at the high school sites listed in the TIMELINE listed on this webpage.

  • ATHLETES in FUHSD sports may again participate.

  • LEADERSHIP & MEMBERSHIP approved for FUHSD clubs/activities.

  • Allowed to be on HS campus during lunch for club/activity meetings - NO JUST HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS.

  • Adhere to both the FUHSD & De Anza College calendars (August - June; block days; special FUHSD schedules).

  • NO longer 100% at De Anza  College for senior year.

  • FUHSD class schedule takes priority over De Anza class scheduling.

  • No De Anza classes to appear on the FUHSD transcript (unless is a FUHSD athlete). 

  • Students follow their high school requirements/deadlines for college applications EXCEPT the School Letter of Recommendation for any Secondary School Reports (SSRs) to be written by the FUHSD guidance counselor for the College Now program.

What is the SAME in the COLLEGE NOW program?

  • Priority registration - get the De Anza College classes you want to take, when you want to take them.

  • Ability to complete one year of college at 1/10th of the cost of attending a UC for a year.

  • College credit WITHOUT AP tests.

  • Early start on TAG (Transfer Admission Guaranteed) requirements resulting in transferring faster than peers.

  • Students must be INDEPENDENT and able to be on a college campus with MINIMAL guidance.

  • Must pass the De Anza College English placement test so can place into EWRT 01A - English Writing 1A.

  • Participation commitment in the program for entire senior year.

  • Take 12-21.5 units each quarter.

  • Pay for units each quarter as well as books and Basic/Instructional fees.

  • FUHSD guidance counselor for the College Now program to write School Letter of Recommendation for any Secondary School Reports (SSRs) in the Fall quarter.

  • Students must remain in the FUHSD Residency boundaries at all times - NO "senior privilege".

  • Completion of FUHSD graduation requirements (US Government, Economics, and English).
  • Mandatory attendance at April, May, and June meetings.
  • Adherence to FUHSD and De Anza College codes of student conduct.
  • Adherence to the COLLEGE NOW Student Responsibility Contract

         Failure to meet any of the above requirements may result
         in immediate removal from the program.