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Annual Notifications

2018-2019 Annual Notification to Parents & Students

Thank you for accessing the 2018-2019 Annual Notification document on-line. By doing so, you are helping District Schools save thousands of dollars in labor, supplies and postage.

The Annual Notification document is designed to notify parents/guardians and students of their rights and responsibilities per California Education Code (Section 48982) and District Board Policies (BP) and Administrative Regulations (AR).

A letter requesting that you access this document electronically is mailed to all parents/guardians and students in the summer, prior to the start of school. The Annual Notification includes information on the following:

  • Residency & Open Enrollment
  • Harassment/Bullying
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Prohibited Items
  • Medications at Schools
  • Testing
  • Use of Electronic Devices (MP3/CD/DVD Players; Cell Phones)
  • Cooperation with Law Enforcement
  • Suspension and Expulsion (BP/AR 5144.1)
  • Immunizations (Health Code, Title 17, Chapter 4, Section 6000)
  • District Expectations Regarding Attendance (AR 5113)
  • Access to Student Records (EC 49063)
  • Identification of Individuals for Special Education (BP 6164.4)
  • Student and Parent Privacy Rights (AR 5022)
  • Uniform Complaint Procedures
  • Release of Info. to the Military
  • and much more.

Please click the following link:

2018-2019 Annual Notification Document

Health insurance for all students and families is available through Covered California (all documents in English and Spanish):

Covered California - Enroll Now!

Easy Steps to Enroll - Information Guide

There is an update to the District's Integrated Pest Management Plan. 

Integrated Pest Management Plan

Forms Included in Annual Notification Packet

Individual Policies & Agreements

The following sections include individual Policies and Agreements included in the Annual Notification Documents.

Technology Use Agreement

The District’s network system has been established for a limited educational purpose. The term educational purpose is used in the context of instruction-related activities, including but not limited to classroom-based projects and student works, college and career explorations, and high-quality, academically-enriching research.

Click to download the Technology Use Agreement:

Technology Use Handbook

Academic Honesty Policy

The Fremont Union High School District is committed to advancing the pursuit of intellectual excellence and to maintaining the highest standards and expectations for academic integrity among all students. We believe in establishing a school climate that promotes ethical and responsible student conduct.

Click to download the Academic Honesty Policy in the following languages:

English  Chinese   Spanish

Co-Curricular Code of Conduct

Click here for the Co-Curricular Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct

Zero Tolerance Policy
Click here for the FUHSD Zero Tolerance Policy

Por favor, haga clic en este enlace para las versiones traducidas de este importante documento:

Haga clic aquí!



The District Course Selection Guide provides valuable information on Course Descriptions by Department, College Admissions Testing, Guidance and Planning, Educational Options and more.

The courses listed are the approved courses for the entire district, but not all courses are offered at every school.  Please contact the individual school for a list of courses offered at that school. 

2016-2017 Course Selection Guide

For a text version of the Course Selection Guide, that can be translated into several languages, please click the link below:

2014-2015 Course Selection Guide Text

Board Policies

The District’s Board Policies (BP’s) and Administrative Regulations (AR’s) are available in the Board of Trustees section of our website.  You can also access them directly at

Download Adobe Acrobat

Please click the Adobe button below to download a .pdf reader to view documents.

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