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If you have any questions or concerns about the program:

Guidance Counselor


Coordinator of
Educational Options



$49.00 — basic student fees

$31 per unit - unit fees

$26.65 — parking fees (per quarter)
$200- $350 — books
$1-$10 — instructional materials fees
(subject to increase at any time)

Forms & Files

College Now

How can you complete one (1) year of college during your senior year? COLLEGE NOW.

College Now is offered by the Fremont Union High School District in collaboration with De Anza College.

What is College Now?

  • An educational option for FUHSD seniors to earn up to one year of college credits while completing FUHSD high school graduation requirements.
  • An opportunity to spend the fourth year of high school at De Anza College instead of at an FUHSD high school campus, taking courses not offered through FUHSD schools.
  • An opportunity to complete a minimum of 9 college courses, making it possible to earn a bachelor's degree in less time~~especially helpful to students planning for advanced professional degrees.
  • A chance to take up to 21 units a quarter--the most allowed for an FUHSD high school student.
  • An example of taking full advantage of a unique educational opportunity.

Who is the College Now Student?

  • An academically serious-minded, independent, responsible and mature FUHSD senior.
  • An FUHSD senior who seeks advanced subject studies by taking college courses in science, English, art, mathematics, humanities and social sciences.
  • An FUHSD senior who feels he/she is ready to move on to college not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.
  • An FUHSD senior who is more interested in involvement in college activities than those offered at the high school level.
  • An FUHSD senior who has proven that he/she is capable of taking all of his/her senior year courses at De Anza College.
  • An FUHSD senior who wants to start completing a certificate program, an associate degree and/or accrue transferable college credits for a four-year university.

General Eligibility

  • A current FUHSD junior with valid Residency within the FUHSD boundaries
  • Preferably a 3.5 or higher academic/college grade point average (grades 10-12) as recorded on the Fremont Union High School District's transcript, not cumulative
  • On-target for graduation (approximately 180 units by the end of the eleventh grade)
  • Completion of the entire College Now application by the 3:30 pm on March 5, 2015
  • Two (2) academic junior year high school teacher evaluations
  • One (1) essay - topic given at the February 5, 2015 Info Night mtg. at De Anza College
  • Completion of De Anza Math and English Placement Exams showing eligibility for English Writing 1A (EWRT 1A) — please see this website for eligibilty:
  • A school record of responsible, mature, self-directed behavior
  • Parental permission
  • Non-residents may be subject to De Anza out-of-state fees and some international students may not be eligible based on visa status — please see

General Program Requirements

  • Completion of FUHSD graduation requirements (including, but not limited to US Government, Economics, and English) by the end of the De Anza winter quarter.
  • Mandatory attendance at April, June and all Fall quarter meetings as scheduled.
  • Adherence to FUHSD and De Anza College codes of student conduct.
  • Adherence to the College Now Student Responsibility Contract

         Failure to meet any of the above requirements may result
         in immediate removal from the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

. What are the odds that I will get the classes that I want each quarter?
A . Excellent.  There is no guarantee, but you will have priority registration each quarter.

Q . May I apply to a four-year university without penalty?
A . Yes.  Your college admissions process will be the same as other FUHSD seniors.

Q . Will I earn college and high school credits?
A . Yes.  All courses will appear on your De Anza transcript for college credit. However, only the courses that you need for high school graduation will appear on your FUHSD transcript.

Q. May I graduate early?

A. No.  College Now is a program and you may only graduate early from a high school campus.

Q . May I participate in high school graduation and senior end-of-the-year activities?
A . Yes.  You may participate in graduation and all other senior end-of-the-year activities that do not conflict with COLLEGE NOW.

Q . May I continue in sports at the high school level?
A . No.  COLLEGE NOW students are NOT eligible to participate in sports at the high school level .

Q . May I still participate in clubs at my high school?
A . Possibly.  You may not be on the high school campus from 7am-3pm so if you can participate after 3pm then it is possible with the approval by an administrator.

Q. May I still be considered for valedictorian of my high school?
A. No.  You must remain as a full-time student on your high school campus to be eligible for valedictorian.

Q. May I be considered for “senior awards” given out by my high school at the end of the senior year?
A. No.  You must remain as a full-time student on your high school campus to be eligible for senior awards.

How To Apply

If you are interested in applying, please download (2) two forms - College Now Application Process and College Now Application - located on the left side of this website under "Forms & Files".

Directions are on the College Now Application Process form.

Applications will be accepted from January 5, 2015 - March 5, 2015.

Please refer your two (2) FUHSD academic, junior-year teachers to complete the College Now Junior Year Academic Teacher Evaluation - located on the left side of this page under "Forms & Files."

If you have any questions, please make sure to attend the Parent/Student informational meeting on February 5, 2015 at 6pm in Conference Rooms A & B in the Hinson Campus Center at De Anza College. The date and location have been confirmed as of 1/5/15. (See map located at

College Now Timeline

FUHSD juniors will receive a postcard with information about the program.


January & February:

Applications for the 2015-2016 school year will be accepted starting on January 5, 2015.

STUDENT ONLY informational meetings will be held at each FUHSD school. If you are interested in learning more about what College Now has to offer, plan to attend the meeting at your high school.

Cupertino High School
Jan. 14, 2015 at 10:25am - CHS Theatre

Fremont High School
Jan. 21, 2015 at 10:55am - FHS main office conference room

Homestead High School
Feb. 3, 2015 at 11:55am - HHS Career Center

Lynbrook High School
Jan. 9, 2015 at 9:15am - LHS Auditorium

Monta Vista High School
Jan. 22, 2015 at 9:15am - MVHS Theatre

Mandatory STUDENT & PARENT informational meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday, February 5, 2015 from 6-7pm in Conference Rooms A & B in the Hinson Campus Center at De Anza College.

PLEASE NOTE: The date has been confirmed as of 1/5/15.


Applications are due by 3:30 pm on March 5, 2015.  No applications will be accepted after 3:30 pm on March 5, 2015.

Interviews will occur the week of March 23-27, 2015 at each FUHSD school site:

Monday, March 23 - Lynbrook in the LHS Library conference room

Tuesday, March 24 - Monta Vista in a conference room in the MVHS main office

Wednesday, March 25 - Cupertino in CHS Guidance conference room in the CHS main office

Thursday, March 26 - Homestead in the HHS Building A conference room

Friday, March 27 - Fremont in the small room behind Ms. Abea's desk in the FHS main office



Notification e-mails will be sent to students by 6 pm on April 10, 2015.